About us


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We don’t just go along the current trends, we’re trendsetters ourselves! The way that we fill our urban clothing, accessories and shoes lineup with the most cutting edge streetwear brands defines the next big trends in street culture and fashion. By inviting you to become one of our store’s customers we give you a unique vantage point! Join us and be among the first to push the boundaries with the latest and greatest streetwear styles. Fleek is the King of designer streetwear and custom collections that blend together the very best of music, fashion, and sport. Stay ahead of the game with our world famous streetwear apparel, headwear, footwear, and accessories. Step out in the latest styles, from Droptail tees and snapbacks to classic distressed jeans and staple layers. With seasonal favorites in stock all year round, you won’t be limited in for choice, no matter what style you are chasing. Being the sole Australian supplier of more than 20% of our streetwear brands, we ensure that you not only get a great product at a great price but also that you will be able to get a product that no one else in your neighborhood has!

Hip & Street

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All of our streetwear clothing, shoes and accessories items are hip and up-to-date! We follow all the latest fashion trends in order to be the most current urban fashion online retailer in the States!

Apparel & Shoes


Besides offering the widest range of the street and hip clothing, we also do have an amazing lineup of the hippest shoes ever! Browse through our shoes and clothing categories and you’ll check all that coolness out right there!

US Brands Only

When we say that the quality of the clothing and shoes we’re selling matters, we mean it! That said, we never supply our stock with the items made outside of the US. For us, only the US-manufacturing brands meet the benchmark!

Cool Pricing

The sweetest thing about our store, besides the hipness of our styles and the range of the choice, are our prices! That’s right! We always make sure that those are reasonable and that those do resonate with our customer base!